Pocket Bill of Sale Pro

Pocket Bill of Sale allows you to quickly create a professional bill of sale for items you’re selling to other parties.

Choose from our lite version, or go Pro (BEST VALUE) to get most features listed below (marked with a “*”).

You can duplicate/clone similar items, copy and paste from your iPad or iPhone and send via:

  • Email PDF
  • Dropbox*
  • Export/Import* or iTunes*
  • AirPrint*

Create a Professional Bill of Sale

How Pocket Bill of Sale works:

  1. Enter a new item to sell -or- select a similar item to clone.
  2. Enter seller information – name, address, and email.
  3. Enter buyer information – name, address, and email.
  4. Enter Item or Property details – date, price, description (large description field).
  5. Add Buyer and/or Seller Signatures (Touch or Apple pencil on iPads)- In-app Purchase Option
  6. Customizable Options* – Font Size*, Font Type*, Border on/off*
  7. Preview
  8. Send & Share – PDF Email, Export/Import*, iTunes*, Dropbox*, AirPrint*

Pocket Bill of Sale Lite

While most features are included in the Lite Version, you may wish to upgrade to Pro (or you may add the features separately) for:

  • Ad Removal
  • Export/Import, AirPrint, Dropbox
  • Font Style & Size
  • Border Options
  • Sort items by ascending/descending date or A-Z, Z-A
  • Multi-Pages
  • Buyer and Seller Signatures

View our FAQ here

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