Pocket Bill of Sale FAQs


Items marked with a “*” are Pro Bundle or In-app purchase features.

  1. Select the “+” button to add an item to sell.
    Select the “i” button next to an existing item to duplicate a similar item.
  2. Add/Change the Title of your item.
  3. Add the Seller Information, Buyer Information, Property/Item Date, Price and Description field
  4. Add Buyer and/or Seller Signatures (In-app purchase). Select the Signature Tab. Tap on the Buyer or Seller and sign with your finger or Apple Pencil on the iPad.
  5. Select Options to Finalize the Look of your Bill of Sale.
    You can:

    • Adjust Font Size and Style*. Default font & size = SFUIText-Regular (iOS System Font) 11pt.
    • Add/Remove* Border

  6. Preview the Bill of Sale and Share
    – Lite Users select Email PDF
    – In-App and Pro Users select Email PDF, iTunes*, Link Dropbox*, AirPrint™*.
  7. Optional (iOS 9 or later). If you’d like to add a signature to your document after you’ve finalized it, here’s how:

    • Send the Bill of Sale to yourself via Email PDF.
    • Open the PDF in Mail on your device. Select the “Markup” icon (see image) and “Signature” -> With your finger, stylus or Apple Pencil sign your name and tap Add or Remove Signature. Tap the color desired. Then tap, drag and resize (by dragging the corners) if needed to the open signature space or where desired in your letter.
      Find out more about using the “Markup” feature here.

Other Features

Select the “i” at the top of the screen to:

  • Email us support questions or give us feedback
  • Get help using the app or with AirPrint™
  • See Version
  • Link your Dropbox Account

“Edit” on the Main Screen allows you to delete a bill of sale/item.

Export/Import Feature*
Pocket Bill of Sale Files are saved as a unique .pbos file extension type and readable by other Pocket Bill of Sale Users.

Buyer and Seller Signatures*
For your security the signatures are only saved in the pdf version, Dropbox, and email (not in the app data base).


Q: My Bill of Sale won’t fit all on one page
Pro & Lite Users: Add Multi-pages as an in-app purchase.
Lite Users: Font Style and Size is an in-app purchase. See default font and size above.
Pro Users: Select Font Size and Style to reduce the text to fit on one page, and/or reduce the item description.
The following options can be omitted and/or adjusted:

  • Options -> Font Size & Style
  • Remove/Add Border

Q: I have a number of bill of sales and need to change the order
The Pro version includes a sort feature or optionally purchased. Includes sorting by newest/oldest or A-Z/Z-A by item name.

Q: I don’t see options for the AirPrint™ or Link to Dropbox
If you are a Lite user, you can upgrade to “pro” or purchase feature separately as an In-App purchase.


  1. The printer should be configured and working with other applications on your device such as Safari.If AirPrint™ fails, refer to the printer manufacturer and Apple support to resolve the issue.
  2. We support all true WiFi AirPrint™ printers on the same Wi-Fi Network as the device (iPhone®,iPad®,iPod Touch®), that prints from Safari. View Official AirPrint™ printer list from Apple
  3. A complicated network setup is possible, however, is beyond the scope of our support for this app. We recommend working with a local network administrator to setup and assess all networked equipment, the printer, wired and wireless connections, and routes.

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